Muhurat can be defined as the most opportune time calculated to facilitate auspices in any given activity initiated by you, for example the inauguration of business can predict as to how your business would go. The significance of Muhurat is always in terms of its propitiousness regarding an attempt towards seeking a better future. It is a general argument that destiny cannot be altered, but certain precautions can definitely do you better in terms of relaxation in a particular apprehension.It is advisable to choose the most appropriate moment, with the most favourable star placements. Muhurats can be also described as the determining of the opportune moments by competent astrologers. Commencing a new enterprise in accordance with a prescribed Muhurat, uses its beneficial aspects for the betterment and success of the work.

Archaryaji can predict the Muhurat for almost any kind of venture, but normally people go for it for resolving important works only. Some such important activities can be categorised as under:
* Marriage & Engagement Ceremonies
* A new business
* Construction of house, renovation, of factories etc.
* Griha Pravesh (entering in a new residence)
* Namkaran Ceremony (christening of babies)
* Starting education
* Commencing an important journey
* Commencing an important meeting
* Making an important decision

Consult panditji if you want advise regarding any activity listed above.

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